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"A Lawyer's Time and Advice is His Stock and Trade."

                                                    – Abraham Lincoln, Attorney & 16th President

"HelpMeCounsel gives you back the time you need to move your caseload forward."

                                                                                  -Alan J. Rich, Attorney & believer in Lincoln's wisdom

Per Diem & Temp Solutions - Effeciency & Economy

Per Diem Solutions in New York City

Get us the information and documents. We cover:

  • Depositions
  • Court Appearance including:
  • Trial/Jury Selection
  • Preliminary Conferences
  • Motions
  • Orders to Show Cause
  • Preliminary Injunctions
  • TRO's
  • Civil and Criminal Court Coverage
  • Video Deposition Service
  • Services in Spanish, French, ASL (American Sign Language)

Temp Legal Services Where You Need Them

Lawyers’ workloads and schedules can be unpredictable and sometimes overwhelming. Using our quality legal services can help you to balance out your workload and schedule without the cost of hiring a full-time or part-time lawyer. Our firm has decades of proven litigation results in tasks starting with case intake through appeals. We can help you with pleadings, motions and all aspects of pretrial, trial and appeal. with extensive background in injuries and medical issues. Let us help you manage your caseload and your life. Do it with an experienced, savvy, proven attorney who provides a cost-effective solution.

Over 30 Years Experience and Recognition!

After obtaining many millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for clients in cases nationally, Alan J. Rich now offers you the benefit of his decades of experience. His legal accomplishments have been featured in various media nationally. He has selected well over a hundred juries and tried dozens of cases to verdict. Rich started his practice working for Harry Lipsig, known in the press as “the King of torts,” and for Joe and Bob Kelner. He has tried all kinds of injury, civil rights, discrimination and employment cases. He successfully litigated actions against major hospitals, construction companies and corporations like Comcast and QVC. He KO’d Mike Tyson in an assault case and proved defamation against Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam newspaper. He proved the Sheriff of Victoria, Texas violated the civil rights of his wrongfully arrested client. In short, Rich knows his way around a case and around a courthouse.

Special Services to Think About

• Video Recording of Depositions

• Bridging from here to there--jury selection. We can try your case or merely select a jury while you accomplish other important tasks.

Spanish, French & ASL

Having a lawyer that speaks your client's language can make a world of difference, from case intake, through deposition prep right up through trial. Attorney Rich is multilingual and can help you have a seamless understanding of your client and the intricacies of her case.

Special tools at your service:

Video Depositions: A Powerful Tool Within Your Financial Reach



A Video Deposition is a powerful legal tool easily within your financial reach. Most attorneys don’t know it, but an attorney deposing a witness is permitted to also be the videographer. [see 22 NYCRR 202.15; Fed.R.Civ.P. 30.] A video of a witness’ deposition can LOCK DOWN your case. Why? Witnesses are rarely prepped for deposition with the same care that they are for trial. They often hand you a gem at a deposition that they later attempt to make “disappear” with an errata sheet or by explanation at trial. With deposition testimony on video, a jury can see with its own eyes that there was no “confusion” as a witness may later claim. Even worse, a witness’ effort to explain away an incriminating answer often backfires by emphasizing the bad answer itself while raising additional credibility problems before the jury. Such a video can be a powerful sword at trial or even in settlement. Attorney Rich has personally videotaped dozens of videos of witnesses he deposed. Rich’s experience in this area also benefits from his years in other professional endeavors filming sports and interviews for documentaries.

A lawyer Who Speaks Spanish, French or ASL May Make a WORLD of Difference to Your Client's Case


A single wrongly interpreted word at deposition can be the difference between your client's case succeeding or failing. Properly understanding the client means understanding his language and how he uses language. Attorney Rich has a unique personal background having spent much of his youth living with his Mexican family, having attended law school in France (as well as in the U.S.) and having had several deaf family members who communicated in American Sign Language (ASL). Rich is uniquely able to prepare such foreign language witnesses and understand not just a literal "translation" of a word but the meaning and implications of the witnesses language. Rich has even caught subtleties in language missed by an interpreter at deposition and at trial, enabling counsel, the witness and the interpreter to properly clarify the record on the spot, avoiding mistakes taking the case down the wrong road. Because EVERY WORD COUNTS, have Attorney Rich work with your foreign language clients and depose adverse foreign language speaking witnesses.  In addition to French, Spanish and ASL, Rich also has communication abilities in Yiddish, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Bar Admissions and Education


Member State Bar: 

• New York State Bar

Member US District Courts:

• Southern Districts of New York

• Eastern Districts of New York

Member US Courts of Appeal:

• 1st Circuit [RI, MA, ME, NH, PR]

• 2nd Circuit [NY, CT, VT]

• 3rd Circuit [PA, NJ, DE, VI]

• 4th Circuit [VA, WV, NC, SC]

• 5th Circuit [TX, LA, MS]

Out-of-State Legal Services

An attorney may provide services to another attorney admitted in another state who will be responsible for the final legal product. In that way  we offer services in our areas of experience to attorneys in other states. Attorney Rich has been admitted pro hac vice on a per case basis in several jurisdictions, including in California, Texas, Maryland and Massachusetts. We urge attorneys seeking joint representation to contact us as early as possible.


• J.D.,Cardozo Law School, 1984

• M.A., CUNY Grad.Ctr., Pol.Sci.,1982

• B.A.,CUNY Baccalaureate Prog., Magna Cum Laude,1977

• Droit, Nancy II, France [1st yr Law Sch.],1975-76