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Per Diem, In-Court & Deposition Services

You can't be everywhere and do everything. Quality per diem makes sense for your practice--dollars & sense. Whether it's  a preliminary conference, settlement conference, a deposition, jury selection or trial, we've got decades of experiences at your disposal at reasonable rates. Get a Brooklyn Lawyer for your New York cases with a national reputation.


Temp Legal Solutions-Smart Services That Keep You on Top!

You know that THING in your office that needs to get done but you haven’t gotten to YET?  Whether it’s a full case work-up or just a motion, Bill of Particulars, legal research or even a trial, LET OUR TEMP ATTORNEY SERVICES GET IT DONE NOW! After all, your office ONLY makes money when your case work gets done! In addition to decades of in-court experience, we also have years of class, study and seasoning in areas often critical to building a lawsuit. Those are areas including accident reconstruction, building & construction, emergency medicine, orthopedics, neurology and psychology/psychiatry using the DSM standards. In injury cases, it’s critical to understand and apply scientific principles to questions of liability and causation. Knowing the medicine in cases of physical injury and the criteria of the DSM in cases of emotional injuries, can make all the difference. We are proud to have obtained verdicts and settlements in the millions of dollars IN CASES THAT SOUGHT DAMAGES FOR EMOTIONAL INJURIES ONLY. Don’t let your case turn into a sand castle. Let us help you build a fortress!


Cutting Edge Tech Gets You Results

Let's get your job done...and done smart! We were proud to have had other attorneys gawk at us when we brought the first laptops to trial. Nobody "gawks" when we brief issues while on trial by doing legal research during the trial. We still use leading edge tech to level the playing field. Smart tech can be a giant advantage to a small firm and enables us to be nimble and competitive for you. For your per diem assignment, just email or electronically share the necessary case information and documentation. We'll provide you a prompt turn around with appropriate and meaningful analyses and comments in as close to real time as we can! For longer jobs, we can also use a variety effective on-line collaboration tools!

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Don't wait! Contact us now to learn how we can help--whether it's a per diem assignment for tomorrow or temp help on cases to balance your workload. While we can handle matters on short notice, the more notice you give us, the sooner we can help you get the results you want.  The "How Per Diem/Temp Works" section explains what we can for you. The "Contact Us" section is a "how to" guide for working with us.



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